Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ahh shopping!

"Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness doesn't know where to shop."

Well one thing is for certain and that is that shopping can always make me feel better!

Melinda and I went to The Container Store and Paper Source last night, 2 of my new favorite stores. I could be in both of them for hours and hours so thats why I go when it's almost closing time :)

I got a few things at the container store including:

Some green hangers to go along with my blue ones that I got last time. Only .29 cents!! And oh so cute.

To go along with my love of cupcakes, a Cup a cake container to transport them. The cupcake is firmly in place so that even if dropped, the frosting wont be ruined. Only $2.99 and super cute!

Paper Source, my new crafting heaven, was our next stop. I just love all the opportunities available for making cards, invitations, presents, lables..anything and everything! I am just overwhelmed when I walk into that place.

These little containers were new at Paper Source and they are just darling. I love when you open them up and there is a colorful fun print inside. I dont know what I would use them for, but I just want them.

I also love the racks and racks of paper by the sheet. So many cute designs to choose from.

Things that sparked my interest and will be purchased in the near future:

Market Tote. There are so many things I could think to use this for. I am always toting around something and these are so cute and sturdy. I think they would be adoreable to use for a picnic or anything really.

Mesh sink basket. What a neat idea! I love to wash things in the sink but it never fails that I end up dropping things so this is a great way to be able to wash fruits, vegetables..anything, without dropping it all down the drain. So cool!