Monday, April 21, 2008

The Dress!

Yesterday I decided to take Campbell shopping since it wasn't a very nice day outside, and let's face it, I'm just not one to stay home. Our original purpose to go shopping was that I was going to let Campbell pick out a present to give her brother for his birthday next weekend, a present just from her.

We started out having lunch at The Cheesecake Factory at Bellevue Square and then we went in the mall. We went to the stamp store which I love, Bare Essentials and then to The Children's Place. We walked in and Campbell went straight to this little number. I don't quite know what it is about this dress, but she is just giddy over it. She carried it around with her and told me she was going to wear it to Lynsie's Baby Shower, her brothers birthday next weekend and of course her birthday too..this all within 30 seconds of seeing the dress :) She had big plans for it and there was no way I could say no, it was just too cute!

We picked out some cute purple strappy sandals to go with it and a cute headband in Purple to top it off. She talked about it the rest of the day and had to try it on immediately when we got home. I painted her fingernails and toenails a light blue color to match her dress because of course she is wearing it to school today even though it's 45 degrees, I don't think that matters much to her.

We got her some other fun summer clothes too, including these:

These were my absolute favorite thing we got, they are just so cute and only $6.99, can't beat that.

I paired them with this:

I can't wait for her to wear that outfit.
I know we had snow all weekend but I am going to just pretend that Summer is right around the corner :)

Here she is in all her glory. Although I wasn't really a fan of the dress when I first saw it, it does look darling on her :)