Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Classic Weekend.

What a crazy, fun weekend! Besides being freezing cold, the weather was decent and all the races were able to run. Travis did a great job and although the car had a rear end problem in Saturday nights race, they fixed it and he came back to finish 3rd on Sunday. Jay finished 4th which was so exciting and like a victory in itself with the season he has had. He was very happy and it was the perfect way to end the season!

Friday afternoon we were over at Becca's and the 3 boys and Dailey decided to dig up Becca's garden. They had fun digging carrots and onions out of the ground. It was pretty funny to watch with all their personalities.

Saturday morning we went with Becca, Justin and the girls to the Pumpkin Patch. Dailey was a bit grouchy on Saturday and didn't want her picture taken but she was still as cute as ever. It was a fun time with lots going on.

Another great weekend!


A Dailey Blog said...

LOL - Dailey's got on a pretty hot outfit! :)

Auntie & Uncle said...

We had such a FUN weekend! Thanks for the funny pictures. The one of Dailey on my lap makes me literally LOL everytime I look at it :)