Friday, October 24, 2008

A little scare

I have been trying to get up to see Cadence for the last few weeks but they have been sick, or have went to see Shae's family and I kept missing them. I was supposed to go up on Monday but Shae said that both she and Cadence were both sick so I decided to wait. Tuesday Shae texted me and said they were at the ER with Cadence because she had a high fever, was getting sick and having trouble breathing and their Dr. sent them. I was pretty worried about that little girl but Shae did a good job of keeping me informed on her status. They did a bunch of things to the poor little girl and they think it was a viral infection and possibly a bad sinus infection. Shae said that she was so lethargic and just laid there which is not like Cadence at all.

I just had to go up there last night and see for myself that she was doing better and she definitely was. You can tell she is still not her normal self but she looks a lot better. I can't believe how big she is getting! I say that every time, but she changes so much. Last time I thought her hair was getting darker and now it's getting really light. She is just a little sweetheart and I love holding her :)

Trying to get her to smile but I kept missing it.

She wanted some taco salad too :)

She was making some pretty funny faces :)

Chatting with each other.