Wednesday, October 1, 2008


A small list of the things I'm looking forward to this month,
it's going to be a good one!

  • The Fall Classic.

  • Birthdays.

  • Remlinger Farms Pumpkin Patch.

  • Making pot roast on Sunday's.

  • A chill in the air.

  • Baking.

  • Scrap booking.

  • Football.

  • Reading.

  • Shelby's Bridal Shower.

  • Becky's Baby Shower.

  • Dailey's 2nd Birthday Party.

  • Halloween in VEGAS!!

And speaking of baking, I've already started on that. I recently got my October Martha Stewart magazine and the last page was the recipe of the month, Cowboy cookies. I made them last night and the recipe was very easy. With the kitchen aid, the batter was quick to whip up and Campbell loved helping me. They turned out excellent! The only things I did different than the recipe was I didn't add pecans and I used heath bar crumbs instead of chocolate chips. Definitely would make these again.

I packaged a few of them up to deliver to some family and friends, and thanks to Danyelle, I had the perfect little labels to add to them :)


Thompson Family said...

A) I was going to do an Oct. list today too, great minds think alike!

B) I thought this morning I needed to go buy a pot roast to cook this weekend. Even if we go to the races I can put it in the slow cooker before I leave and have it ready when we get home (again, great minds I tell you!)

Happy Oct. 1st!!

Heather said...

Those packaged cookies look fab! The Cookie Of The Month is my favorite part of Martha's mag. Now I want to bake and make something crafty. =)