Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top 5

I have decided to participate in Heather's Top 5 Tuesday post, but with a different topic and that would be cooking! I am going to share my top 5 favorite websites or cooking blogs.

1. The Pioneer Woman

Probably my favorite of them all. This woman has great recipes, she photographs every step of the recipe and she has great humor along the way.

2. Martha Stewart

How could you not love Martha? Okay it gets a little annoying that everything she has her name on is pretty much perfection, but it's fun to attempt some of the things she does. Not only does she have great recipes, but she has cute crafts and ideas for pretty much anything. I love Martha :)

3. Sunday Baker

I have recently found this blog but I love the recipes she has on here and can't wait to try a few.

4. Bakerella

I discovered this blog when she was featured on The Martha Stewart Show for her "cupcake pops". They were a huge hit and she has quickly become popular in the blogging world. I have only seen dessert recipes on this blog but the things she makes are so cute! I tried the cupcake pops and failed miserably, so hopefully one day I can re try them.

5. The Food Network

Of course if all else fails, I can always go to The Food Network for great recipes from a hand full of cooks. Paula Deen is my favorite though and I have tried many of her recipes.


Heather said...

All my favorites too!