Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweet Baby ♥

It had been a few weeks since I had seen Cadence, so I decided to head up there yesterday afternoon and I'm glad I did. Even in just a few weeks, she has changed so much. Her hair has gotten much lighter and she is just growing like a weed :)

Shae and I went to the craft store for awhile and then took her to dinner at The Olive Garden. The last time we took her there, she was only a couple weeks old and she slept the whole time. This time, she was wide awake and she loved all the people and the lights and the noise. She was great the whole time and everyone that walked by had to stop and look at her.

Chewing on everything and wearing her new Gracelet :)

Cadence at dinner sitting on mommy's lap and looking like a big girl!

All snuggly in her jammies.

Shae has started her on food and yesterday morning she gave her green beans. She said that Cadence didn't like them and made the funniest faces when she fed them to her. She wanted to try them again just to see if she would like them at night rather than first thing in the morning. Shae was busy for a few minutes, so she had me feed her. It was great at first. She was eating it right up and kicking in an excited way and she didn't seem to be having a problem. That is until a few minutes later, when she threw it all up and started choking. I panicked and I'm pretty sure my heart stopped for a few seconds, because she was literally choking and her face was bright red. I picked her up and took her bib off and patted her back and I was calmly saying "She's choking" so Shae came running out and started patting her back. She was okay, but man was that a scary moment. Shae said she didn't know anything was wrong because I said it so calmly. She must have not swallowed any of it because it all came back out! I made a deal with Cadence that she didn't have to eat green beans anymore if she promises not to choke anymore :)

She is such a sweet, sweet baby. I love her coo's and her smiles and her chatters and I'm so glad I get to spend time with her :)

We ended our night by watching the movie "Baby Mama". All I can say is, hilarious! I think I will definitely be buying that one.