Friday, September 26, 2008

Picture Day!

Today is Campbell's Kindergarten picture day and oh how excited she is. Last night we went through her closet to choose her out fit and she told me, "I just have way too many clothes!" oops :)

I had picked out this longer blue shirt dress with some flowered leggings and her strappy purple sandals. She tried it all on and looked darling. She wanted me to do her hair so I told her to come over at 8:00 today. At first she wanted it braided but lets face it, with the shortness of her hair and my lacking talent for braiding, it wasn't looking good. She then decided she wanted it curled. No problem..well, except for that her hair is so fine that it wont hold a curl! She was bummed, but we just straightened it back out, clipped back her bangs, and she was good to go. She always looks cute to me no matter what :)

as you can tell, she changed her mind on her out fit :)

Before we did her hair though, it was garbage man time. Every Friday is garbage day and Cooper loves to watch and shout "LOOK", his favorite word lately :) He had just taken a shower and was freezing so Grandma threw a towel over him and he was parked at the window. Campbell likes to watch too, it's their Friday tradition.