Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday night crafts..

I was so excited to go home last night and paint! I had been to Ben Franklin Thursday night and got some things and then I stopped there again last night to get some more things. I bought paper mac he` pumpkins on Thursday, so I went and got Campbell a little one to paint. I also had wooden Halloween face masks to paint, 2 pumpkins and 2 ghosts.

Campbell and I started out painting our pumpkins and then the neighbor girl came over so we let her paint 1 of the masks. Then Campbell's cousins came over so they painted the other two masks. We ended up with one big painty, gluey, glittery mess, but we sure had fun :)

My finished pumpkin with candy corn glitter on the top. I thought it turned out pretty well.

After the neighbor girl went home, Campbell and Cassie cuddled up in my bed and watched Shrek 3. Cassie looks so cute with her missing front teeth :)

Campbell, Cooper and I are headed to the Seattle Aquarium and then to Pike's Place Market with Lacey. After that, we are going to the races at Monroe to watch Travis! Definitely a different race day schedule for me as I'm used to be at the track all day, but I'm excited for our fun day in Seattle!


Lacey said...

oh what fun we did have today... hahahahaha. serving your family was my treat lol. hope you had fun too. your pumpkin is smashing!! talk to you laterz!