Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wine & sweet words

Last night we celebrated Shelby's birthday by going to dinner at a little Italian place in Puyallup called Mama Stortini's, a place that I love. They have great food and it's a more intimate setting which is great for dinners with friends.

We had a nice time talking with everyone and seeing her friend Sarah's new born baby boy and also her sisters daughter Lily who is almost one.

Here she is with her new Jessica Simpson perfume, fancy, that I got her. It smells soo good! So good in fact, that I got myself a bottle too :) The guy at the store asked me if I was a huge Jessica Simpson fan haha

Jeff wrapped her present in Elmo paper since he couldn't find any birthday paper at the house :) He got Shelby a jacket and 2 tickets to the Olympics Gymnast event at the Tacoma Dome next weekend.