Friday, September 19, 2008

Two little monkeys..

In the past week I have not been home before 10 pm one time. That means that I haven't seen Campbell or Cooper in a week, well at least not for any real amount of time. So needless to say, I was happy to be home last night. I stopped by Ben Franklin after work, which I have decided is not a good place for me to go. When I go in there, my mind never stops. I start to think of a million different projects I could do. I had to tell myself, STOP. You have too many projects already :) I couldn't stop myself completely though, and besides getting the things I went in there to get in the first place, I picked up some things to make a Halloween craft. I hope to get to that soon..

When I got home, Campbell was SOO excited to see me :) She followed me right up stairs and stayed there until she had to go home and go to bed. Cooper also joined us and they jumped on the bed for awhile. I got some really cute pics of them and as they were jumping on the bed, we were doing the "two little monkeys" song. It fits them both perfectly, and they are pretty cute little monkeys! Campbell was doing "flips" on the bed and every time she would say "that's totally awesome", of course that line comes straight from Hannah Montana :) Once I finally got them off the bed, Campbell and I colored, Cooper watched a Little People Christmas movie and then Campbell did her water color book. I love spending time with them!